Coding and Computer Science Explore Franklin Institute


Mrs. Sinatra

Ethan Mandap, Faith Kennedy, and Thomas Rotenbury explore the concepts of physics with dominoes at The Franklin Institute.

A trip to the Franklin Institute on December 11  allowed students from Mrs. Sinatra and Ms. Chen’s classes to connect curriculum that they learn in class to real life applications.

“We got to see the exhibits that had something to do with STEM,” stated coding and game design teacher Sinatra, “and when we recollected, we talked about those exhibits and how they were controlled by something we do with coding.”

In order to have the trip at the institute, Sinatra had to first receive permission from Ms. Nwanguma then apply for a free trip. She estimated how many students would be attending, set up a time and day, then submitted the application for Board of Education approval. Everything regarding the trip, such as transportation and medical needs, was attended to so that they students would enjoy it.

I benefited from visiting the institute because we learned a lot; we discovered new things”

— Mariah Stuart

“I think the kids all had a great time,” Sinatra stated. “I think we had enough chaperones, so we felt that everyone was safe while they were there.”

Sinatra wanted the coding classes to see the connection between exhibits that were at The Franklin Institute and what they learn in class. She wanted them to know everything that they were learning has an application in the real world. The students were to go to any exhibit, as long as they could state what coding or technology was behind the operation of the exhibits.

Mrs. Sinatra
Students explore the heart exhibit by walking the path blood takes through the organ.

Students attending the trip visited many of the exhibitions at the institute. Some of these exhibitions were the Sports Zone, The Train Factory, The Giant Heart, and Explore Virtual Reality. The students were able to participate in activities at each of these exhibits to learn new things that they didn’t know prior to the trip, examples being blood and the heart.

 “We learned about new things there” stated by eighth grader Zarah Kamara, “like the heart, I did not know anything about the heart.”

Many students that attended the trip were able to benefit from what they saw and learned at the institute. Some students learned new things about the body and its functions. Other students learned how to apply what they learned at the museum in their future career path.

“I benefited from visiting the institute because we learned a lot; we discovered new things,” stated eighth grade student Mariah Stuart, “and we saw some things we could do when we grow up and experience.”