Soldier Surprise Brings Joy to Honor Roll Breakfast


Briana Worthington

Eleisha Poole and her Aunt reunite after her Aunt was previously serving the nation.

As a way for the community to show their support for our armed services and their neighbors, eighth grader Eleisha Poole was surprised and reunited with her Aunt during the Honor Roll Breakfast on December 11th, 2019.  Poole’s aunt had had been serving our country in the military and had just recently arrived home.

Poole, thinking she was getting Student of the Month, was clueless of what was ahead of her after being the first student called up.

“[Ms. Nwanguma] started talking and I was trying to figure out what she was trying to say,” said Poole, “but I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it.”

After getting a last-minute call the evening before, Principal Ms. Nwanguma felt very proud and honored to be a part of such a meaningful reunion. Poole’s aunt had requested the Honor Roll Breakfast as the specific event for the surprise to take place, so that she could be there as Poole earned the Gold Honor Roll certificate.

“[I felt] Pride and excitement,”stated Ms. Nwanguma. “I was happy for Eleisha, and I was happy for one of our soldiers coming home sound and safe from serving the country.”

During the reunion with her aunt, Poole felt uplifted to have everyone in attendance supporting her. She reported feeling very grateful that her Aunt was able to see  her recognized for outstanding grades. Since witnessing  a surprise like this was new to Poole as well as most in the audience, the event had a heavy impact on everyone in attendance of the breakfast.

“Well I’m always proud of our soldiers and what they do for us abroad, and I was happy for our students to see and experience one of our soldiers returning from serving actively,”exclaimed Ms. Nwanguma. “It’s always good to be apart of something this joyful and [having] a happy ending.”

After the whole event, Ms. Nwanguma felt great and content to have a soldier coming home safe and sound from serving the country. Poole was very happy after the surprise and the breakfast overall. When the entire Honor Roll Breakfast was over, Eleisha completed the rest of the day at school, then got to spend the rest of the day with her Aunt.

“I was ecstatic…I was joyful…and I was overall happy,” exclaimed Poole.