Ms. Fernicola Wins Teacher of the Month for December

Eighth grade science teacher Ms. Fernicola won Winslow Township Middle School’s Teacher of the Month award for December. Fellow science teachers voted for her due to her involvement in the science department. 

“I’ve been working really hard,” said Ms. Fernicola, “I’m fairly new to the department, so they wanted to give everybody a chance.”

Ms. Fernicola was ecstatic and shocked when she heard the news that she was elected to be December’s teacher of the month. This happened to be her first time winning the award. 

“I am happy that Ms. Fernicola received this award because I enjoy her class,” said 8th grade student Marjorie Juarez that attends her class, “and I think that she deserves to be recognized for her hard work.”

Currently, her classes are working on Ecology and Biodiversity. Ms. Fernicola is trying to include group activities into her curriculum, such as an escape room like task and presentations to the class. 

“I put in a lot of effort trying to create new activities for my students,” commented Ms. Fernicola, “I like to use a variety of resources this school has to offer.”

Ms. Fernicola hopes that her students will leave her class being more compassionate people with determination to reach their future goals. She wishes that her students will find joy in their future careers. 

“I think Ms. Fernicola helps me with communication skills for my future career as a detective,” stated 8th grade student Brooke Robertson, “and shows compassion to her students.”