Computer Science Skype with Professionals


Janyia Morsindi

Media Specialist Mrs. Storako looks on as Wozniak speaks with Chen’s students.

On March 3rd during eighth period, Ms.Chen and Ms. Sinatra’s 7th grade classes held a Skype call in the media center with former WTHS graduate Adam Wozniak who works in computer science. Ms. Chen set it up to give her students a better idea on how to use computer science in the real world and how it could be a job choice.

Students got to hear from Adam Wozniak who works as a co-supervisor for Blizzard Entertainment which makes games. He lives in Los Angeles and spoke to the students about how he got his job and what he does day to day. He also held a question and answer session with the students to see if they had an questions for him.

Ms. Chen connected with a teacher in Philadelphia to get to Wozniak, and once she knew his information she contacted him. They set up a date to where he could Skype with the school and talk to the students. Once Ms. Chen set up the date she had to asked Ms. Nwanguma to have the meeting in the Media Center. This is the fourth year the call has taken place with help from the technology and media center staffs. 

Ms. Chen hopes that her students learn something from his speech because her students in past years enjoyed having Adam speak to them and having that connection with them on the same subject. Ms.Chen’s classes right now are focusing on computer work like block coding and working as a team to program.That is why Ms.Chen asked Adam to talk to them because he got a job working on something he likes, which she is hoping her student do in the future.