Newspaper Club Makes Headlines


Ever wonder who is creating this site? Yes, there are students in Journalism and TV Production classes, but they are supported by Newspaper Club, an extracurricular focused on telling the school’s story. Newspaper club take pictures and records at the school when they meet several times a month with members to do photos and video shoots for sports events or school performances.

“My favorite part of newspaper club,” said eighth grader Charles Bailey, “is filming  and editing”.

In the Newspaper Club they have over 10,000 pictures.They take pictures of every club including SADD Club,Yearbook Club, and Science Club in an effort to document what’s happening throughout the year. They interview teachers, students, and some staff.Then when they are done interviewing them they write news articles.Also they can create mini video versions of their interview to run them on the morning announcements using professional editing software including Final Cut Pro.  Their work can also show up in the yearbook.

“We get to help Mrs.Hay,” said eighth grader Derek Jordan. “We help Mrs.Hay with the morning announcements”.

Most of the work they do gets put on the school website or on the morning announcements.They also come back at night to take pictures and talk to the people who run community night. Their work on this website, the, and usually updated bi-weekly (exceptions were made after COVID-19 closed schools in March). Editors-in-Chief  Amanda Tague and Marjorie Juarez oversee everything; Copy Editor Lisaraye Horne who looks over all writing, commenting and adjusting as needed; Photo Editor Isabella Pena edits shots and creates photo assignments, choosing  final shots for publication; and Design Editor  Morgan Burphy works to complete this website. 

“Sometimes you see the news on the announcements,” said Mrs.Hay. “Sometimes you see the pictures they take.”

You can come and join with friends and take pictures with them and you guys can create fun stuff  in the newspaper club. Projects that newspaper club did was like MLK Video to play with Band during Board of Education performance; videos of Coding and Game Design’s final projects for the website, and slides and video clips for the EmPOWERed program through Mr. Cruz. 

“We would love more people to join, ” said Mrs.Hay. “There’s so much going on here at WTMS that there’s always something new that needs to be covered.”