New Coding and Gaming Club Heads to Space


Mrs. Sinatra

Members of the club search for signs of life by monitoring the air. This was part of the group’s second major challenge.

Lukan Kazmierski, Staff Reporter

The Coding and Game Design Club in WTMS has adopted the NASA curriculum under Ms. Sinatra’s supervision and will be participating in a competition involving a series of challenges.

The competition that the Coding and Game Design Club is participating in this year is called “Roads on Mars” and the prize for winning is a free trip to Florida and the chance to watch the launch of NASA’s new 2020 Mars Rover. This is the first year of the club’s creation and therefore the first year that Winslow is competing.

To win, students must complete several challenges involving Mars the planet itself and NASA’s new rover being sent this year. For example, some challenges include using a methane detector to find methane in a student’s voice or simulating a meteor’s effect on a landscape.

On December 7 at Rowan University, Ms. Sinatra, Ms. Lynn and Ms. Six attended training for this program, which involved practicing the challenges and skills required for this competition. Something else that prepared Sinatra for this competition was her college major, mathematical science. She also learned coding in college which led to her teaching the Coding and Game Design class. 

Students participating in this club have described it as fun and challenging and have expressed gratefulness for the ability to participate in this club.  It has allowed them to go more in-depth with certain STEM concepts than many get to do on a regular basis in class.