Students Experiment with Hands-On Fun at Science Club


Charles Bailey

Students experiment with food dye during Science Club after school.

Saniyyah McGriff-Dixon, Staff Reporter

 Expanding students’ science knowledge and their connections with peers, Science Club with Mrs.Griffin meets weekly on Thursday afternoons. Mrs. Griffin requested the Science Club be created so students can do more hands-on experiments, engaging students in learning.  

All 36 7th and 8th grade students work on many activities like watching science movies that teach the concepts that they’ll be experimenting with. Students also work on new lessons and experiments every time they  meet, sometimes completing full design challenges. Previous experiments include checking acids and bases and also checking liquids density.

“ We do cool experiments,” said Mrs. Griffin.

Students normally decide to join the Science Club to interact with peers more. Students also like to work on science activities that help them learn more about science and occupy their after-school time more.

 “[I like] getting to learn new things,” said seventh grader Sage Clark, “and growing with other people.’’

There are currently no more sign ups which ended in January. Coming up in March is community night. The science club will have sustainability exhibits being shown including planters made out of recyclable materials , things like plastic bottles.

“ I’m proud of the students,”  said Mrs Griffin. “They will present some great projects!’’