Cinderella Boutique and What Suits U to Support Semi



Dr. Cooper and 8th grader Angel Rosendary speak with a reporter about the boutique logistics.

Kamryn Caldwell, Staff Writer

Update 4/21: With Governor Murphy’s stay-at-home order still in place, the 2020 semi-formal for WTMS has been cancelled, along with all supporting events.  It has not yet been announced what will happen to clothing donated for this year’s boutique event.

The Cinderella Boutique and What Suits U started in spring 2020 so eighth grade students  whose families may struggle to afford dresses or suits can go to  the semi-formal without the worry of the financial burden.

Led by eighth grade adviser Ms. Stallard, Dr. Cooper, and the Female Mentoring Group , the campaign is accepting donations  of formal attire in D107 or J105. 

“[Planning the boutique is] a fun experience, “ said  eighth grader and female mentoring group member Angel  Rosendary, “ for girls.“ 

The effort started when the young future leaders sent an email to all staff and reached out to the community. The communications asked specifically for suits, dresses, dress shoes, and accessories in varied sizes to accommodate all students. Bags that cover the dresses or suits are also needed.

“ My goal is to have enough  dresses, “ said Ms.Stallard, “ for all the young ladies.“

For young women to get their dresses and young men to their suits they have to fill out a form that was sent out to all 8th grade homerooms.  If students would like to get a dress or suit for the semi formal, they will be required to come after school on Wednesday April 8 or Thursday April 9 between 2:20 to 4:00 to pick out everything they need. Students can pick any one they want according to their size. 

“ Any girl who wants to attend the may 1st semi formal can attend,”     said Dr. Cooper, “without the obstacle of purchasing a gown or suit.”