SGA and NJHS Explore the Judicial System


Janyia Morsindi

Judge Castle shares an amusing anecdote with SGA and NJHS members during his visit.

Judge Castle from the Camden County Courts came to the school on February 10, 2020,  to talk to the NJHS and SGA in the Media Center. The visit was scheduled in order to teach students about government and leadership.

“I wanted the NJHS and the SGA,” said SGA adviser Mrs. Donohue, “to interact with the judge.”

During his 7th period visit,  Judge Castle  provided an overview of how the legal system works and spoke to students about the cases he has seen and judged. The kids asked Castle questions about his job responsibilities and what types of cases he’s seen.  

 “I thought that it was very informative,” said Donohue. “It is always nice to see what other people do for a living.”

The judge was scheduled to come speak when Mrs. Donohue met an assistant at the WTHS career expo. The assistant contacted Mrs. Donohue who then scheduled with Mrs Keitt, the NJHS adviser. Overall, the process was very easy, and both advisers felt it was a worthwhile event for their students.

“I hope it’s the beginning of a long partnership,” said Donohue.  “I think it would be nice to see him at work.”