Boys Soccer Looks for Growth and Sportsmanship During Pandemic

LaKiahra Young, Staff Reporter

Parents, teachers, and kids want WTMS students to be active;  that’s why the boys soccer team is still going to have soccer this fall at the WTMS.

Sports is a priority for coaches and players because they say it provides the students with a sense of normalcy during  these times, and allows them to get out of the house and get some exercise. It is also important for those players who plan on continuing to play in the future to keep up and build upon their skills.That is why WTMS is continuing sport for this season after parents, students, and coaches spoke out.

“It is important to continue this sport for many reasons,” said Coach Watson. “First, having the players come out every day gives them a sense of normalcy during these difficult times.It was also important to keep the 7th graders interested in the sport so that we could build a foundation for next season when things are hopefully returning to normal.”

Currently, the team has 12 players with several returning from the 2019-2020 season. 7 to 8 players will be on the field together during practices until other teams to play are located. Right now, it is difficult to practice as an entire team due to Covid with each player wearing a mask and all of the safety procedures they have to do to make sure everyone stays safe.

“I am feeling really good about our team’s players this year,” said Coach Watson. We have several returning players who are our leaders as 8th graders. We also have several 7th graders who came out who are very skilled and work hard. We are looking forward to having these players return as our leaders next season.”

To get ready for the possible games they may be having they will still have practice after school at the middle school and games, if they are held, will be held on weekday afternoons. Still unclear at this moment if fans are allowed to be at games but if so they will need to follow the safety requirements of masks and social distancing. Practices this year they are going to be mainly focused on skill building through small drills, as well as team building and preparing for the next season.

“Team building for next year is important to the team’s success every season,” said coach Watson. We like to have a good amount of 7th graders on the team so that we can prepare them to lead the team next year. Currently, we have a core group of 5 7th graders that will return next year, familiar with our program, work together, and ready to be leaders on the field.”

As COVID-19 changes things for people’s everyday activities,  everyone is hoping to set and achieve certain goals. For the soccer coaches its to have enough players, games, and to make sure everyone that is there is safe.They are continuing because they think it is important for kids to stay active and they want there kids to practice there skills so they can become better.

“A good year this year, due to the pandemic and the difficulties that come with that, looks different than a good year in past season,”said Coach Watson. This year we are happy to have a good number of players coming out every day, working hard to improve, and having fun overall. Without having any games to look towards a winning record to measure a ‘good year’, the commitment of the players has been our measuring stick, and they have been fantastic.”