Hard Work Pays Off

Ms. Nicole Stallard, WTMS Teacher of the Year

Ms. Nicole Stallard, WTMS Teacher of the Year

Winslow Township Middle School announced on April 16th 2021 that Ms. Nicole Stallard was awarded Teacher of the Year after being nominated by her administrators and other professionals in the building. Even though this school year was like no other, Ms. Stallard managed to make her students happy and positive. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

Students might know her as a Math teacher, the 8th grade class advisor, the Yearbook Club advisor, and/or one of the coaches for the girls’ soccer and softball teams. Teachers and the larger school community may know her as the chair of The Sunshine Club, a member of both The Green Team and The School Leadership Committee, and as a curriculum development contributor for the math department. 

Even though she has countless responsibilities and roles within the school community, she is incredibly successful at managing it all. One of the reasons she stood out as an outstanding teacher is due to her commitment to her students. She states, “I have dedicated after school hours and before school hours to help accommodate student’s needs. I have developed closer relationships with their families working with them to ensure their child succeeds.” At the end of the day, her number one goal is for her students to reach their full potential and do their “absolute best”. 

With all these responsibilities comes challenges, some expected and some of which came with the pandemic. While motivating students was a particular challenge during remote instruction, she continued to try to reach each of her students. “The weekly and some[times] daily parent contact was a struggle to get some students engaged” but it was clearly noticed by the administrators who appreciated the hard work and effort she put into ensuring her students’ success. 

It is evident that Ms. Stallard’s designation as the Teacher of the Year is well-deserved. Not only does she take on numerous tasks within the school, she is heavily involved in her own kids’ school community as an active member of their PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). Mrs. Stallard always goes the extra mile to make sure all of her students are succeeding.