Netflix Nails Family Fun with “Julie and the Phantoms”

Talia Shumate, Staff Reporter

Julie and the Phantoms is about a girl who became emotionally attached to music through a relationship with her mother. But, due to Julie’s mothers unfortunate passing Julie slowly began to discarded her want to play music, as she distanced herself completely. But with the help of three ghostly friends she not only runs back to music but over achieves in all components for a band. 


Netflix Original Series Julie and the Phantoms, directed by Kenny Ortega, seemed extremely fitted for a lower age group and portrayed as if the plot was fast moving and cringe-worthy. By looking at the cover, it seemed like a show that was going to have these poorly written songs, not good enough acting skills, and for the plot to move so fast, you weren’t able to understand what was happening. I was proven to never, absolutely never under no circumstances, judge a book by it’s cover. Director Kenny Ortega, previous director of High School Musical, and Disney Descendants One, Two, and Three has once again fulfilled my expectations with, the humor, chemistry between the cast, and the series overall music.

The humor in Julie and the Phantoms was immaculate; you could never watch a episode and not laugh. The character Reggie, played by Jeremy Shada, was meant as a character who wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed but still had any audience laughing! The trio of boys together just flowed so hilariously, smooth. It was always something to look forward to when all three boys were on screen. Not only the ghostly trio, but everybody who had a line in any given scene succeeded in the lane of humor. 

The natural flowing chemistry between the cast was amazing, it was completely incredible to watch the band sprout and strengthen their relationship with one another. It’s one thing when an audience can really relate to the friendship posted on screen buts it’s a totally different thing when the actors make it seem they have the same or closer relationship off screen. The whole cast did this very well, this is what if feel is a key component for a successful show, bonds and relationships. 

Lastly, the music. Now, when watching shows or musical movies its extremely hard to have every song catchy and worth listening to but man, did Julie and the Phantoms nail this! The music was once again incredible, every song was catchy and very pleasing to hear and listen to its fullest. Doing research, the actress who plays Julie is 16 years old and singing with a tone that is super impressive for her age. Doing even more research, the cast actually plays musical instruments that is associated with the character in the show. So overall the music is very well written, thought out, and played. 

In the end, Julie and the Phantoms have met my expectations and over achieved in areas that I didn’t think was easy. I would definitely give this how a 5.0 stars for me!!! The humor, chemistry, and the music were all something that sticks out completely for me. If you love to laugh, cry, and jam to music this show is one hundred percent recommended for watching. If you don’t like expressing yourself, when it comes to shows, I would avoid this one. Cannot wait to share and re-watch with family! Looking forward to the next season!