Thomas’ Book-Turned-Movie Creates Powerful Reaction

Marlo Hunter, Staff Reporter

    The Hate U Give or (THUG) talks about a struggling black community that consists of drug dealers that wanted to make in the world. Starr Amara Carter ( Amandla Stenberg) an African American 16-year-old girl lives a very complicated life after she watched her best friend Khalil Harris ( better known as Algae Smith) get killed. People all over the world searched for answers by protesting and arguing the truth. Starr is the only one that can speak for her best friend. This movie has amazing characters that got into character while acting on set. The plots were on point and made sense and went right for the movie. Also they had sad but true messages that should touch certain people if they watch the movie.

    While watching the movie the characters stood out to me and surprised me. I thought that the movie was going to be stupid at first, but then I kept watching. The characters were what made the movie stand out. The main characters were Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) was the girl that saw her friend get killed which probably changed her life. It was up to her to get justice for Khalil Harris (Algae Smith). Her father Maverick Carter (Russell Hornsby) was an important character in the movie by teaching all of his kids the importance of staying true to yourself . He teaches them the greatness of being black. Her mother and Lisa Carter (Regina Hall) is a very tough lady that talks to her daughter and teaches her how to stay independent and to not let no one intimidate her. These characters made the movie stand out.

    The  plot, based on the book written by Angie Thomas, was to imply that black lives are taken way too easily because of some racist cop. It is hard for me to watch movies like this one because they are sad. Someone has to explain that black people or oppressed people are treated a certain way from people without color. This plot matches with the characters and the way that they act in certain parts of this movie. This is what the plot implies.

   The messages that are stated in this movie are emotional because they show that  right before Khalil was killed he said something to Starr that her character will never forget. He said “ It’s fine Starr, we got time.”  That message made me cry when I was watching the movie. I want to give this movie a certificate for Black Excellence and why it is such a strong movie.

  Overall this movie deserves a 5 rating because it is so powerful the people like me and that is one of the main reasons why I like this movie. This movie showed strong characters, plots, and messages. I recommend that non-emotional people watch this movie because of how powerful it is. I hope that you all enjoy this movie as much as I did.