Say Yes To “Yes Day!”

Miah-Reese Govan, Staff Reporter

In the movie Yes Day, two parents that normally have to say no decide to spend a day saying yes to their three kids with a few boundaries. During the movie, in an attempt to win a bet, the mother tries to be the fun person she used to be before she had kids. Meanwhile the father has to balance being an authority figure at both work and with his kids.

After viewing the high rating it had on Netflix, I was excited to see what this movie was all about. I was eager and thrilled to spot talented actors and song artists, relatable characters, and valuable themes.

To begin, from the beginning to end of the movie, well known actors and actresses were featured in this movie like Jenna Ortega, who’s played in the movie Little Rascals Save the Day, and Stuck In the Middle, a Disney show that I loved when I was younger. I also recognized the actress Tracie Thoms which I remember for her role in the 2014 adaptation of Annie which is one of my all time favorite movies. Additionally, American singer-songwriter H.E.R was also featured in this movie which added even more finesse to this movie.

Furthermore, many of the characters are relatable to the viewers such as the eldest daughter who is in her teenage years. Like myself, she longs for more independence and to be treated like an adult. The youngest daughter also resembles a lot of young kids I know personally, and the mother shows how having kids changed her view of life causing her to be more restrictive like many people become when they turn into parents.

Not only that, Yes Day taught valuable lessons that I could apply to my life. For instance, I learned that it is important to say no sometimes, but it is also important to say yes. It is also important to Remember that your parents have your best interests at heart. On top of that, parents can learn to let their children grow up even though it may be scary.

In summary I would rate this movie with 4 stars because of its feature of amazing actors and song artists, relatable character personalities, and useful lessons. I would totally watch this movie again with my family, and would recommend this movie to another family since the movie stars a family having a special “Yes Day.” That being said I probably don’t see someone that prefers action and horror movies watching this on their own.