Stallard Shines as 2021’s Teacher of the Year


Ms. Stallard at work during the final days of the academic year. While other teachers are winding down, she’s still pushing to make sure the promotional ceremony is flawless.

Marlo Hunter, Staff Reporter

It is that time of the year when that one teacher will be acknowledged for his or her amazing work throughout the year. The Teacher Of The Year Award has been awarded to Ms. Stallard, an 8th grade math teacher who has made a positive difference in multiple areas of the school.

On April 16, 2021 the assistant principal announced over the intercom that Ms. Stallard was chosen to be this year’s Teacher Of The Year. According to Stallard, she did not expect to be elected for the Teacher Of The Year. To determine the yearly winner, the administration narrowed it down to two teacher then the staff had to decide which on deserved the title.

“ I was very shocked and honored,” said Stallard, “when I found out I was teacher of the year.”

As head coaches of soccer and softball, she also participates in important activities that help benefit the school. In the building, Stallard is a 8th grade trip advisor, facilitator of the sunshine club, volunteer for the green team and school leadership.

“I love being involved with the student body, staff and community,” said Stallard, “and participating in as much as I can to show the students that my care for them extends ‘beyond the walls’ of just the classroom.”

Ms. Stallard has been teaching for 15 years as an 8th grade math teacher, who says she loves her students. She makes math relevant by using real world experiences and problems to show a more realistic way to look at the math. She does this to help students see how her class can benefit them in the future.

“ I would like to think that I was elected based on my passion and commitment to teaching,” said Stallard.

Ms. Stallard’s students reported that they felt she did deserve the award because of her teaching style with them. Students report her as helpful and understanding of what students are going through in life.

“She’s the best, and plus, I love math,” said eighth grader Amirra Baker. “She makes it so much easier.”