Fall Sports in Full Swing

Talia Shumate

WTMS fall sports finally make a comeback after almost one year of not being able to fully participate. Students last year, were forced to learn through a screen giving up the fact that sports were no longer negotiable. With time, and following restriction mandates, cases have went down and sports are starting back up.

COVID cases have decreased since the 2020 school year when there was online school and everyone was in quarantine. Cases last fall were at a high of 507 while this years statistics show that cases have decreased down to 385. The decrease in cases have allowed players and coaches to return fully.

“I am excited to be back to fall sports fully,” said Ms. Stallard, head coach of the girls soccer team, “It is nice to see the girls back on the field, practicing and competing.”

As a result of the WTMS fall sports return, its going to take some precautions to maintain a safe and secure season for each student participating. Students must wear masks on buses and in the school building. Every student has to bring their own marked water bottles and instead of hand slapping ‘good game’ at the end of the game, players must congratulate the other teams from a distance.

“We try not to have physical contact” said eighth grader, girls field hockey player, Miah-Reese Govan. “Instead we hit sticks [to say ‘good game’] to not touch each other.”

Despite the fact that physical contact is something the teams try to avoid this year, it doesn’t prevent players from having an efficient season. Team players are still able to participate and work together as a team.

“It is sad that I only get one year with the current 8th grade girls in this setting as I do enjoy watching the girls grow as a team.” said Mrs. Stallard. “I am excited to have 7th graders out that I will get to see grow as a team moving forward.”