Student Advisory Shakes WTMS Up!


3 8th grade students participate in the student advisory activity

Miah-Reese Govan and Willow Goggons

Student Advisory covered respect with students at Winslow Township Middle School during a meeting on Tuesday, November 23 to promote kindness and wellness around the school.

On Tuesday, each period was shortened to accommodate a ninth-period student advisory meeting. At the end of eighth period, students went back to their homerooms which were assigned with two teachers per room. At this time, students were able to collaborate and join together for about forty minutes to do different activities that revolved around respect and social-emotional learning (SEL).

“I think this schedule change is beneficial…” Stated Jasmine McDonough, an 8th-grade student. “It allows students to get to know one another better, and since this only happens once in a while, it’s good to interact with other students often.”

During the meeting, students participated in an ice breaker game. They were separated into groups of 4 or 5 depending on class size and played a category game that included questions about who is the tallest, fastest, and the best. Once every group picked one person from their team, they went to duke it out between the teams’ picks. Once assembled, the teams’ picks were to look at a secret sub-category. For example, “The Tallest” turned into “Who has the tallest thumb?”; “The Fastest” turned into “Who can sing the alphabet the fastest?”; “The Best” turned into “Who is the best multitasker to stand on one foot, rub your stomach, and pat your head”. After that, they viewed an SEL video covering respect, followed by a group discussion about what respect means to the students and ways students can show respect through words and actions. The meetings closed out with students sharing what respect means to them, how we can show respect to others, and times they have felt disrespected and how it made them feel.

I liked learning about what other people find respectful and it shows me what I can do to respect them.”

— Ajay'Nya Dixon, 8th-Grader

“I liked it a lot, 10/10, would do again. I liked socializing and getting to meet new people. I think every school should do this,” stated 8th grader, Ajay’Nya Dixon. “I liked learning about what other people find respectful and it shows me what I can do to respect them.”

Student advisory typically occurs twice every month during the school year starting in November. This year due to Covid-19 restrictions, it may take place only once a month.
In the past, Student Advisory has covered a variety of topics such as holidays, famous people that impacted the world, black history month, veterans, concerning issues in the school, and they plan to discuss similar subjects this school year as well.

According to Ms. Kimbrough, one of the ultimate goals of student advisory is to have students come out of it feeling positive, respected, motivated, and inspired to do something positive to create and maintain a healthy school environment, and to feel like “WOW I can’t wait for the next advisory!” The goal of this student advisory was to help students become more kind, respectful, compassionate, and empathetic towards one another as well as overall better people.

“Student advisory is a time for students to come together,” Stated Ms. Kimbrough. “Not during a core class, not during a class that is graded, but during a time where students can just be comfortable coming together.”