Eagle Feather Awards Help WTMS Soar


Marlo Hunter and Nyla Williams

The Eagle Feather Award is a new reward system put into place by teachers, Mrs. Kownacki and Ms. Kernaghan, to show appreciation for the students doing great things around the middle school.

Teachers were handed out Eagle Feather Awards to recognize and reward students that are doing great things: being kind, helping others, recycling, going above and beyond, etc. The students that receive these awards go to either C111 or C117 to receive a treat from Ms. Kownacki or Ms. Kernaghan and are entered into a drawing for a bigger prize.

“At the end of each month the students’ names will be placed on a wheel of names by grade level,” Ms. Kernaghan said. “The winner will receive a $10 Wawa Gift Card.”

Ms. Kowanacki, an ELA teacher, has already received numerous students coming to reclaim their prize and enter into the raffle for the month. She explained that teachers need to fill out the feather award with the student’s name, the date, and the reason they got the award.

“One student helped calm down his friend when he was with the administrators,” Mrs. Kownacki stated. “It was nice of him that I gave him an eagle feather for it.”

Other students around the school are getting feather awards for doing similar things, and just being an all-around great student.

“I got the award for being quiet in the library,” a 7th-grader said, “and I got a smartie for my prize.”

“The main goal of the Feather Award is to promote SEL goals,” Ms. Kernaghan said. “But really it can be anything that a teacher or staff want to acknowledge the student for.”