Holiday Spirit Fills Hallways

Talia Shumate

WTMS arranges a December holiday door decorating contest after over five years of not participating.

The door decorating contest is a contest where students are divided by homerooms to decorate their homeroom door. Students’ team working and communication skills are put to the test as each homeroom competes to win. The contest lasts from Wednesday, December 1st to December 17th. Winners will be announced on the 23rd, the day before winter break. Ms. Deal and Ms. French, two art teachers, are the masterminds behind the whole idea.

“The main goal of the door decorating contest is to create a positive atmosphere,” says Ms. Deal. “…to bring brightness to the school and just promote positivity.”

This is a chance for students to branch off, share ideas, and connect students with one another. As each student individually comes and agrees on one idea to represent their homeroom. Students’ working together is not the only positive, the hallways get a bit more cheery.

“I hope students can take away that this school has a sense of community, although they’re at an age where it seems like every day they’re having trials and tribulations with each other or going through any struggles like that,” Ms. French said. “They can see at the end of the day everybody’s here to make their learning experience fun and inviting. Even seeing students help teachers put something on the door, it’s really nice to see people interacting like that.”

The pattern with door decorating is to promote togetherness along with something for students to look forward to every morning when they walk through school doors. Staff is in hopes of students taking matters into their own hands to come up with creative and out-of-this-world ideas.

Homerooms are finished and decorated, each representing the creativity of each classroom. On the morning of Thursday Dec 23, students were able to see who won the contest. Mrs. Hallman’s homeroom won first place, Ms. Greer placing second and, Ms. Storako placing 3rd. Congratulations to the winners and a big congrats to each and every homeroom that worked together to decorate a door. The Winslow Middle School wishes everyone a safe and fun break!