Why I Teach: Mrs. Jenkins

What made you go into education?
So I went into education because I couldn’t decide what career I wanted to go into when I was going to college and my mom encouraged me to go into education because it’s a job that allows you to be able to stay at home during the summers with your kids. And, you know, be able to have a family and also have a good job that is always around.

What is your favorite thing about your job?
I think my favorite thing about my job is when students actually start to get the concept and when you can see that they’re proud of their work. Do you have a least favorite thing about the job? My least favorite thing about my job is sometimes it can be stressful when you have 15 people asking you questions at the same time, yeah?

What is a quote you live by and what does it mean to you?
I don’t really have a quote that I live by, but like I have a saying that I tell myself but, I like a lot of quotes, especially Brené Brown. She’s somebody who I find inspiring. I live by this
concept and it’s like if you’re the last person on the face of the earth you have to survive and you do what you’re doing. So like I might be scared to try doing something, but I say, well, if you’re the last person here and it needs to be done, then you have to be the person to do it. So then I force myself to try those things.

What’s your favorite memory since you’ve been teaching at Winslow Township Middle School?
When we worked as team teachers, the students were divided up into teams and every team had a math teacher, 2 reading teachers, a science teacher, a social studies teacher and you had 60 students on your team. So those 60 students were between those teachers and you planned everything together and you did a lot of really fun activities. There were four teams per grade.

What is your biggest fear about this year?
My biggest fear about this year’s teaching is not catching students up to where they need to be after being out of school for such a long time because of the pandemic. Ok, What college did you go to and what degrees do you have? I went to Rowan University, really my sister went there too, yea it’s a good school back in the day when I started there it was Rowan college and once I graduated it became Rowan University.

When you’re not teaching, where would I find you?
Being a mom, cleaning the house, chasing after three cats and a dog.

Is there anything else you would like the reader to know?
I think that it is important to know that Winslow Middle School is a great school and it’s filled with a lot of really great students that want to succeed in life and I think they should be proud that they go to school here.