Escaping Student Advisory


Student Advisory Escape Room, December 22 2021

Miah-Reese Govan and Willow Goggons

For the month of December, student advisory hosted an escape room in homerooms where classes were timed to see who escaped the fastest.

On December 22, 2021 each homeroom class individually did the escape room that was created on a Google Form. The escape room included an assortment of trivia questions and links that students had to work together to answer. All the classes were timed for a competition between the 7th grade and 8th grade students to see which grade level was faster at completing the escape room.

“I liked the last student advisory because the escape room was challenging, which made it even more fun,” stated Jasmine McDonough, an 8th grade student. “My class was also given Dunkin Donuts!”

Students were split up in four groups and each group took turns to identify the names of popular apps, unscramble words, answer trivia questions about the 4-7-8 breathing exercise*, and learning a dance about consideration.

…more students felt comfortable around each other and shared a laugh with one another as we completed the escape room

— Erin Sawi, 8th grade

“I thought it was very inclusive,” stated Faith Hall, an 8th grade student, “and a good way to get students to laugh together.”

After completing the escape room 8th grade students got to watch a video featuring the 8th grade vice principal, Mr. Rubin’s Bitmoji dancing. The 7th grade students also witnessed a video of the 7th grade vice principal, Mr. Brown’s Bitmoji dancing.

On the last day of classes before break, the 8th grade was announced as the winners of the escape room.

“I feel that this second student advisory meeting, more students felt comfortable around each other and shared a laugh with one another as we completed the escape room,” claimed Erin Sawi, an 8th grader. “My favorite part about this meeting was when I saw my classmates, Anthony Salamone and Madison Sanders-Harnett dance, which was the task we had to take on. It was hilarious and everyone enjoyed watching them.”

*A breathing exercise that instructs a person to inhale for 4 counts, hold their breath for 7 counts, and exhale for 8 counts.

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