Toys for Tots Provides Holiday Joy to Camden County Families


Daniel Aasa, Staff Reporter

Camden County families’ holidays were brightened after Winslow Township Middle School helped to donate 122 toys to the Toys for Tots toy drive.

Toys for Tots is a program that is run by the Marine Corps Reserve that delivers toys to kids who don’t have the opportunity to receive any gifts for the holidays. Winslow Middle School for more than two decades has been making a difference in so many children’s lives along with Toys for Tots. Donations for the 2021 holiday took place at Winslow Township Middle School from early to mid-December.

‘’So I have been running the Marine Toys for Tots toy drive for 22 years. For the last 10 years, I’ve been working with Ms. Kiett and the National Junior Honor Society,” said Mr. Cruz, an environmental science teacher. “The toys will support families in need in the Camden County area. Our hope is to bring smiles to as many families as possible during the winter holidays. This year the school was able to collect 122 toys for the program.’’

Not only were there toy donations, but the Student Government Association would come to lunch periods and ask students to donate loose change for Toys For Tots.

‘’My role for Toys for Tots is me and other kids [members of SGA] go to the cafeteria during our lunch period” said an 8th grader and member of SGA. ‘’and ask nicely if all the kids have any leftover pocket change or if they can help the kids for Toys for Tots because we tell them honestly that they can’t have Christmas. So we say can we please donate because it will help them get their Christmas and it will basically just cheer them up on Christmas day.’’

The Winslow Township Middle School community is proud of what they are doing to help bring smiles to less fortunate kids.

“I feel accomplished because I’m helping kids who are in need to play with toys for Christmas and it lets them have an actual Christmas,’’ said Kieonya Hudson, an 8th grader and SGA member.