Mr. Weppler Honored as 2022’s Teacher of the Year


Talia Shumate and Marlo Hunter

As the 2021-2022 school year continues, the Winslow Township Middle School has made it official. The Teacher of the Year Award has been presented to 7th-grade math teacher, Mr. Weppler, for his constant contributions to his classroom and the school. The Teacher of the Year Award is presented every school year to provide validation for years of hard work in the education department and good deeds around the school. Although the Winslow Township Middle School is packed with hard-working teachers, Mr. Weppler was chosen for 2022.

Points and actions chair for the green team, member of the school Leadership Committee, cross country coach, part of the H.I.B. committee, and helps write the school-wide plan. Mr. Weppler has shown his flexibility when it comes to the school environment, constantly benefiting each aspect, in the classroom area and outside of it.

“I was honored to be named this year’s teacher of the year, I was overwhelmed with a bunch of good emotions,” says Weppler. “It’s great that people are seeing the impact that I’ve been able to have on the school community.”

For seven years Mr. Weppler has continued to positively impact the school and its community. Although Mr. Weppler has other ways to help out the school, just his overall role as a teacher continues to make a difference. As he enjoys watching his students grow and develop and figure out what it is that they want to do and watch them make their own contribution to the environment.

He also enjoys teaching math to his students in many different ways that make it fun for them to want to learn more about it.

“I just think that math is a really beautiful subject, I think that there is more than one way to get an answer,” says Weppler “There’s an emphasis on the process and learning how something is done and I think there really is truly an art to math that is great were able to dig deep and dive into content.”

Math as we know it seems to be a more challenging concept to grasp, with the formulas, equations, expressions, and so forth. But Mr. Weppler makes learning math easy to understand.

“He is very helpful. I’ve been off of the computer for so long, I can’t remember any step from last year, ” said seventh-grader Gabriella Gaddis said.  “He has been really helpful in helping me remember and I’ve learned a lot of new stuff so I’m really grateful to have him as a teacher.”

Mr. Weppler continues to create a safe space for his students in the classroom area as they are given the confidence to contribute to lessons and ask questions.

“Mr. Weppler makes learning comfortable, he’s patient and always willing to help you work through a problem, in the classroom and out,” says a former student of his, “which is something that continues to make you want to interact with lessons a whole lot more. And most students who have had him can say the same.”