Why I Teach: Mr. Willhouse

An interview with Mr. Willhouse with our reporter, Anthony B.W.


Why do you teach?
I had a terrible childhood and one thing that helped me be a better person through rough times was a sophomore English teacher I had in high school, Mrs. Perensky. And she inspired me in her class and in school also life beyond that, that I thought I could make a similar impact on people who were struggling.

Where did you go to college?
I started out my first year and a half at Camden County College then I transferred to Rutgers University and that’s where I am. I try to catch up on a lot of stuff, but I am not able to get to it during the school year, not a lot of time for and I take summer classes too and a History class in the summer.

What do you typically do on a Saturday?
Make materials for the next week, play Runescape, and that’s about it

Do you have any pets?
I have three cats named Krampus, Earl, and أسد its Arabic, it means lion

Do you remember all of your students’ names?
This year yes, and I remember it through mostly just repetition and association so I associate you know faces with names and those faces with memories of where they sit so I could tell you who sits when I’m in the classroom and if I can imagine the classroom in my head.

To you, what makes a good school day?
Students actually learning not largely its student having a good take away from the lesson and not getting in trouble for things anything that tells me their picking up on the material.