Uniform Policy Dropped

Due to parents voting, the uniform policy has been lifted for the Winslow School District starting September 2022.

Parents and students found out on Genesis and the district website. The results of the survey that parents were a part of were in favor of removing the current uniform policy, but the results were close.

“I love that the uniform policy is being lifted,” said 7th grader Kayla Kang. “I can express myself with what I wear.”

A majority of students polled about the uniform change, agreed with Kang, that they were happy they could finally wear their own clothes. On the other hand, there are some reservations about the change.

“My personal opinion is that the school should have these uniforms,” said a teacher at WTMS. “I do think, just from personal experience, that it will have an impact on students’ confidence. However, I do understand at the end of the day this is the parents’ decision.”

Although some people are strongly for and against, there are some that are still unsure about how they feel about uniforms.

“I’m on the fence because at my old school, we didn’t have a dress code policy and there was a lot of bullying,” said a student. “But, I also want to wear my own clothes, and I don’t want to wear the uniform all day.”