GSA Club Creates Safe Space

Daniel Aasa, Reporter

Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA), a new club, was created by 8th Grader, Eli Martinez (they/them), after petitioning for the creation of the club over the summer.

The petition for the club was approved and the GSA club started on November 3, 2021, during the 2021-22 Winslow Township School year. Meetings are during 7th period in room H-100 from 12:51-1:31 every first and last Wednesday of the Month. The club is advised by Ms. Pricilla.

“I started to gather people to sign it,” said the student leader of GSA, Eli Martinez. “And we ended up getting around 270 signatures.’’

The purpose of the club is to allow people to really express themselves, be themselves, and be around people just like them.

‘’The people who are part of the community and the people who support the community will come together and kind of have a space where they feel welcome and kind of safe with people a part of the community to just be themselves and express who they are and the way they are formed,’’ said  Martinez.

Students who attend the club also seem to enjoy the atmosphere as well.

‘’I honestly think GSA is a really great club considering what the people are saying and doing,’’ said GSA member KC Young, ‘’I think the club will make this school a truly safe space for everyone.’’