Wonderful Ways to Wordle


Jonah Moran

Wordle is a game that has been on everyone’s news page for a while. Everywhere you turn, Wordle scores, Wordle videos, even Wordle answers.

Wordle was originally created back on June 20th, 2021 with its debut word, CIGAR. Since then the rise in fame had been slow, all up to around January of this year. This is when the game skyrocketed in popularity with new fans being dragged from several different social media platforms, to be sucked into the game of wordle. This is how I first found out about the game, to be honest. My Twitter feed was filled with Wordle scores and Youtube was filled with analysis on the games. This led me to be very confused.

But what is Wordle, and how has it risen to this level of fame?

Wordle is a type of brain teaser game where everyone who visits the website is given one word a day. Through a total of six guesses, you have to guess to get the word of the day. By typing words, the game will show you if a letter is in the word, or in the word and in the right place through two colors, yellow and green. This game started as a game for the creator’s partner, who loved word games. He then showed it to his family through a group chat. After seeing the positive reviews from his family members he then opened it to the public. From there the popularity increased and skyrocketed around December/January.

From there several new spinoff games were created by others to jump on the Wordle bandwagon. These included Nerdle, a math version of Wordle, and Wordle Unlimited, the same as Wordle but you can play more than one word a day. All of these are fun, but none can capture that original feeling of completion whenever you find the daily word.

But what about the original? Is it any good? Or is it just overrated?

Well, in my opinion, Wordle is one of the best online games to come out in recent years. The game is able to capture this intensity whenever you are on your last guess that other great games like 2048 are able to capture, while still keeping it light-hearted and fun. Also, a problem with other games is that once you lose you can play again, which makes you tired of the game quickly, whereas you can only play wordle once a day, it is very hard to grow tired of the game. I think wordle is also a really creative brain teaser-type game, as it keeps this new idea fresh and interesting. Although the game has gotten harder with it being bought by the New York Times, it is still able to keep that same wordle fun.

But what do others think? Do they think it deserves as much praise as I give it? Surprisingly, yes!

“The game seems very unique,” student Emvry Mulliken. “A good game to play if you like words.” This goes along with my opinion of how Wordle seems a lot like a ‘new’ game rather than a game with a similar repeated format. “I think it’s a really cool thing,” said 8th grader, Marlo Hunter.  “And it sort of leaves you wondering what the word will be the next day.”

So I think Wordle in its entirety is a pretty fun game and is worthy of all the praise it’s been getting recently. If you haven’t yet, I really suggest you check it out.