Preparing for the End of the Year


Daniel Aasa

The month of March is a busy time at WTMS due to it being halfway through the year, getting everyone ready for end-of-year activities, and starting our 100 days of peace.

We’ve set out to interview students and teachers about how they feel about being halfway through the school year. To many students, this feels very strange since many only think September 7 (the first day of school) was just yesterday.

‘’Personally, I feel that to make it all the way up to this point is an achievement hands down,’’ stated a  student. “And to even make it all the way up to my last year before high school, [that] is an achievement as well.’’

One student discussed how she felt about how fast time moved by when the school year started.

“I feel like this year went faster, but it has been eventful,” stated another student. “This year is definitely one I won’t forget and always will have memories of.”

Many end of the year school activities are being more focused on and planned, as we are winding down to the end of the school year such as the school class trip, the 8th-grade dance, yearbook signing, and more. Ms. Stallard, the 8th-grade activity planner, has been planning several fun activities for the 8th graders this year to celebrate graduating from middle school.

‘’I feel really excited since we haven’t been able to do these school activities for the last two years,’’ said Ms. Stallard. ‘’So I’m really excited about these activities.’’

Teachers have also given their feedback on our mid-year adventure.

”I feel this time of the year’s really important for staff and students to keep working hard and be prepared for all the upcoming activities and events,” said 8th-grade teacher Ms. Jenkins. ”And I think it’s important to realize this will be celebrated.”

For the last few months of school, the school is starting 100 days of peace. The 7th Graders and the 8th Grader are competing against each other to see who can have 100 days without having any fights or bullying. The aim of this is to have peace in the school. The winning grade will win a party and a DJ.

‘’I like the idea because I feel like if people get used to something a little different like it being calm, they’re going to see how much they enjoy being here.’’ said school counselor, Miss Breau.