Crazy for Cookies


Talia Shumate

A student buys M&M cookies during lunch.

Cookies have been the new craze throughout the Winslow Township Middle School students lunch room.

These cookies consist of 4 different flavors. Chocolate chip, sugar cookie, chocolate cookie with white chocolate morsels, and M&M. Many students at the Winslow Township Middle school absolutely love the cookies, and the cookies are always sold out

¨The most that I´ve sold to someone is twenty,¨ stated Ms. Rose Marie, one of the lead´s in the kitchen, referring to the number of cookies she’s sold to a single student.

Two cases of cookies are baked at 7:00 am, for 12 minutes, then taken out and cooled for the lunches to come. About 400 cookies are sold on a school day. On average, students purchase 2-4 cookies each.

“The kids love them and they really enjoy them.” said Ms. Jill, one of the cooks and servers.. “The children go crazy for them.”

A 7th grade class and 8th grade class were polled on how the students feel about each type of cookie. These are the results: Sugar cookies got 9 votes! Chocolate chip cookies got 14 votes! M&M got 9 votes! Lastly, the chocolate cookie with white chocolate chip got 15 votes!

“The cookies are really good,” Makayla Thompson stated, “the sugar cookies are my favorite.’

Many staff that work in the kitchen feel that the amount of cookies bought sometimes by the children is an unacceptable amount of cookies. They have told us that they have to share two boxes of cookies.

Both vice principal Rubin and vice Principal Mr. Brown agreed to a regulation on the amount of cookies that students are allowed to buy because some students bring in $20 bills and purchase more cookies than they can eat.

Mr. Brown stated, ¨The cookies are pretty good, and the kids love them, but they should definitely regulate the cookies.¨ Mr. Rubin voiced a similar opinion and said, “ I think that there should be a limit on how many cookies a child should get.”