Is Gen Z interested in NFTs?

Emmanuel Ime

NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) have been astonishingly increasing lately and students at WTMS have something to say about it.

Fungibility refers to assets of the same kind that can be traded interchangeably among different people. The reason why NFTs have been so popular is because they allow people to prove ownership of digital assets.

According to a tech website, PC Mag, NFTs are not as popular among kids ages 13 through 14, also known as Gen Z,  ¨Most of the negative reaction to NFTs comes from the younger generations. About 51% of millennials think NFTs are a scam, but an overwhelming 82% of Gen Zers feel the same.¨

However, there are students that think differently.

“They are a next-generation way to make money on the internet,” said 8th grader Nahmir.

So what exactly is an NFT? Some students have a better understanding than others.

“I know an NFT is a photo that you can purchase online,” said 8th grader Pablo. “NFT’s also come with perks when you buy them.”

However, there is still skepticism.

“I have thought about buying an NFT.” Said 8th grader Ricky. “But, I believe that an NFT is not a stable place to spend money on, I’ll never buy one.”

Students of WTMS may think that NFTs are a great option to make money online., while others say it is a very risky investment.