Nwanguma Represents Winslow as NJ Principal of the Year


Angeli Valdes-Padilla

This year’s 2022 Principal of the Year award was awarded to Ms. Nwanguma, our principal at Winslow Township Middle School.

Ms. Nwanguma won the Visionary Principal of the Year Award of New Jersey. The NJPSA is an organization that is dedicated to the promotion of educational excellence by supporting New Jersey school leaders.

“It’s a huge accomplishment not only for you know. Obviously our building, but for our district, we are now going to be competing on the national level,” stated Ms. Sinatra

Mrs. Nwanguma will be receiving a $7,000 check for her school. And a personal $1,000 check for herself. She will be receiving her awards on October 21, 2022, at the Fall Conference in Long Branch, NJ. Additionally, she will be acknowledged by the New Jersey State Board of Education in December 2022.

“I’m quite honored. If you think about it, I was selected amongst many talented and hardworking candidates for the whole state of New Jersey. That’s a lot to carry, but I am so excited about the prospects of being recognized for what I love to do,” stated Ms. Nwanguma. “This is my passion… I’m very passionate no matter what I do. I work hard at it and want to bring pride to my job every day.”

On the following days after receiving her award, announcements were made by superintendent Dr. Poteat, in the schools, and phone calls were sent out to congratulate Ms. Nwanguma. On March 23, 2022, at the Winslow Township Board of Education Meeting, they congratulated Ms.Nwanguma on her accomplishment.

“Ms. Nwanguma is one of the very few principals over the years to get even in South Jersey to get this award. She will be representing the state for the national year,” stated Dr. Poteat at the B.O.E. meeting. “This is big, ladies and gentleman, truly an accomplishment that the entire community can be proud of because she represents not only us, she’s representing the principals.”