8th Graders Prepare for Freshmen Year

Daniel Aasa

High school classes were being picked by 8th Graders in the Winslow Township Middle School to prepare students for the freshman year.

The class choosing lasted from April 4 – April 7, 2022 in the media center of the school. Students were brought to the media center during their Social Studies class on the day they were chosen to come down.

“So their electives are important so they can take classes that they’re interested in. Stated by a 9th grade counselor. “Maybe try new things, or explore options like all the way around for the things they’d want to do after high school.”

Students who have chosen their high school classes, are satisfied with what they have picked. There were a lot of electives to choose from like, Computer Programming, Orchestra, Theater, Environmental, etc. As it seems, cooking was the most popular elective chosen.

“ I personally feel like I made the right choice when it came to picking my classes. I picked Computer Programming for my elective; and I’m glad that I didn’t choose a class that I didn’t feel I was comfortable with or was too overwhelming for me.” Stated by an anonymous student.

As well as being able to pick their courses, students could also vote for student government. They could vote for one student in the different government departments.

“Student Government is just a group of students that help the school with fundraising, activities, and represents the school outside of its walls.” Stated by high school student government candidate Esther Adamolekun. “While having fun, and working together as a team.“