8th Graders Trek to High School


Miah-Reese Govan

8th graders take a short walk to the high school

Jonah Moran

As you may know, the eighth graders recently went on a trip to the high school. This was to get a better feel of the school, and to start to develop ideas for what classes they would like to partake in for the next school year. There were several presentations throughout the school with tours led by students.

On the subject of what they liked most, student Isabella Harding said, “Looking at the drama club and seeing how enthusiastic they are.”

Most clubs had stands set up to represent their club, which filled the gym. Drama Club, Psychology, and several others had little booths with pictures and games.

“I really like psychology.” says student Isaiah Shaw. “It was really cool to see how serial killers’ brains worked, and how they killed people.”

Students were also pretty impressed by the different things the high has become known for.

Student Chase Hartman said, “I found out that the school won something from the NFL, and I found that pretty cool.”

The electives were definitely the high of the trip, capturing most students’ attention.

“I really liked the graphic design class, it looked really cool, and I might take it next year.” says Marrissa Green, a local 8th grader.

Definitely the high school trip was a great time, as many found cool new things, and learned some interesting facts about the high school.