7th Graders Explore Historical Philadelphia

Seventh graders took a class trip for educational purposes as an end of the year trip to the National Constitution center in Philadelphia.

Seventh grade students from Winslow Township Middle School rode buses to the Constitution Center in Philadelphia on May 26th, 2022.

“I enjoyed looking at all the scenery in Philly and learning about the historic buildings,” said 7th grader Garret Sauickie. “I thought it was cool how many contraptions there were in the Constitution Center.”

At the Constitution Center there was a 360 projection show that immersed students in the history of America, that students have learned about in their Social Studies classes this year.

“What I found the most interesting,” said Destin Swann, “was the show that was performed at the Constitution Center.”

After the show at the Constitution Center, students saw the Liberty Bell and then boarded a double decker bus to tour Philadelphia and learn about its historical past.

“It was cool,” said Bilal Alwan. “I took a lot of pictures. I got hit in the face with a tree.”

The double decker bus dropped students off to grab a bite to eat and afterwards students got on a bus to return home.