Fall Dance Vibes Hit WTMS

Alicia Wilson , 7th Grader

On October 29, the Home and School Association hosted a Back to School Dance.  The dance took place in the middle school cafeteria from 6:30-8:30 and was open to all 7th and 8th grade students. 

Rilissa Mazzeo, a 7th grade student explained,  “The dance was fun and I had a good time”.   And,  7th grader Gisele Ross, also stated,  “I had a lot of fun.  It was a nice way to kick off the school year!”. 

Students purchased tickets for five dollars, during their lunch periods.  The ticket sales went through the roof on just the first day!

“The students have not had a normal school year for a while now.  They deserve a night where they can relax and dance with their friends.  It was really nice to see them having such a good time!  Hopefully, this will be one of many awesome opportunities for our students to connect with each other outside of the school day.” Describes Mrs. Irvin, 7th and 8th grade TV Production Teacher. 

The dance had a snack stand run by HSA President, Abigail Murphy and Mrs.Irvin. The stand had all types of refreshments like sparkling water as well as your basic water and all different types of chips and treats.  Snacks and drinks were between one and two dollars.  

“The DJ was good as well as the snacks,” described 7th grader, Lucy Murphy. 

People had formed dance circles as well and participated in various line dances.  Even Mr.Wright and Ms.Upsey were in dance circles!  It was a great time had by all!