New NJHS Officers Have Been Elected

Nicole Simpers and Anaya Wright , 8th Graders

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) has just elected their Officers, of the 2022-2023 school year. The election took place on Friday, October 21, 2022 in L109. The candidates elected were Isabelle Bryan as President, Chidera Okorie as Vice President, Ariana Mitchell as secretary, Juan Ridriguez as Treasurer, and Coryn Butler-Teel as Historian.

The candidates were required to make campaign videos for the position of their choice. These videos would explain why their fellow NJHS members should vote for them.

“They record a video explaining why the members should vote for them., ” explained Ms. Kiett, the NJHS Advisor. The members have about two to three days to absurd the videos and then we host a closed election where all members actually vote for the people running for those offices.”

Candidates faced challenges while running for office. Including, finding a way to display their best qualities and convince voters to vote for them.

“The challenges I ran into were getting people to choose me as an NJHS officer, stated Chidera Okorie, the NJHS Vice President. I needed to show my best qualities and skills and it was honestly hard doing that because I needed to do a recap on what I do best and so on.”

The NJHS needs these officers because it’s required by the National Board. Without  officers the WTMS chapter wouldn’t be functional.

“NJHS needs officers because it’s a requirement from the National Board that governs what we do and what the national honor society does at the highschool, said Ms. Kiett. You have to have an advisor and officers in order for your chapter to be operational and in order to function properly.”

The officers will be in charge of future events of NJHS and will be subject to planning them. They will also be in charge of the “Toys for Tots” fundraiser at WTMS and other events.

“Wow, right now we’re getting ready to get started with Toys for Tots.” proclaimed Ms. Kiett. They do service, we do reading that we’re gonna have, coming up for students at the elementary school.”

The officers will have a chance to help others and mold their futures in the new roles they have been given.

“I honestly feel like I’ll do a great job as vice president because I love helping others and doing hands-on activities and challenges, so this role would be something I can learn from and have fun working.”,Chidera vocalized.

The officers will have much that is needed to accomplish in these roles to help the NJHS operate and work. 

“I think that they’ll do awesome., Ms. Kiett remarked. I feel like each person selected their strong point.”