Field Hockey Hoping for Improvement in 2019


2019 WTMS Field Hockey with coaches Mr. Rossi and Ms. Hill.

The 2019 Winslow Field Hockey Team is looking to improve their skills, building on their experience from last year. The team believes they can improve their record/ win loss by working together.The team currently has returning players from last year, new 8th graders, and new 7th grade players that have no experience of playing field hockey.  

“It’s a fun experience with coaches and teammates,” said eighth grader Tyasia Doyle, “and being able to learn how to play the sport.”

   Originally, there were 35 girls trying out for the team. A focus of many of the players this year is  improving their ability to maneuver the ball with the stick. This will allow them to better move up and down the field. Another goal is improving long shots, making shooters a threat from further out on the field. Many of the players recall the sport being very tiring because of all of the practices that are back to back from each other everyday.  

“ Its hard when you first do it,” said 8th grader Morgan Burphy, “but once you get the hang of it, it’s really easy.”  

The new schedule this year includes 6 home games and 6 away games; each will last for about 1 hour and a half. Whenever there is a home game they play right outside the Winslow Middle School by the soccer field. Despite losing their first game to Middle Township, the team believes they can end strong.  The team has many strengths and weaknesses; their hustle and their athletic abilities are strengths. The team’s weaknesses are that a lot of the girls are playing field hockey for the first time, so they are adjusting to getting the hang of the objective of each of the games that they play. 

“[ I’m hoping] Just to become a better player this season,” said Tyasia Doyle, “and to improve anything I try.”

Many of the field hockey players love there coaches Ms. Hill and Mr. Rossi. Many say that Ms. Hill is a chilled laid back person that is reasonable, while Mr. Rossi plays to win.  Mr. Rossi was asked to coach girls field hockey back in high school and accidentally got into it even though he has never played because he is a male. This is his 3rd year coaching as the field hockey coach in the Middle School and coached at the High School for 3 years, he even coaches baseball to. 

“I’m hoping that we can be able to win a quiet few,” said  Rossi, “They play 12 games so hoping to win at least half.”

Girls Field Hockey has been a sport in the Winslow Township Middle School for as long as there’s been a Winslow Middle School. Whenever the field hockey team does a good job in their games they are treated with treats or when ever they have an away game they stop somewhere on the way back. When they are done their game they are to be let off the bus to go home. The Winslow eagles field hockey team hasn’t won any games yet but they are all hoping to be able to take the win. Good luck Winslow Eagles Field Hockey Team.