WTMS Encourages Students to Write “My Page in History”

Marjorie Juarez


Bulletin boards like this one remind students the many things they can do to make history.

Marjorie Juarez, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s theme, Your Page in History, encourages WTMS students to create history by preparing themselves for their future careers.  There are many examples of teens making their page in history in various fields and by various means.

“My page in history is central to our mission statement.  We believe that all students will be successful,” said Winslow Township Middle School Principal Mrs. Nwanguma. “All students will have a wonderful career in their chosen path.”

The theme was chosen during last year’s end of the year staff meeting when staff members were able to suggest their ideas for this years theme.  Based on the suggestions the school was able to come up with this year’s theme, “Your page in history” which highlights the different deeds students can do to create history.

“I think a student can do whatever they put their mind to,”said eighth grade ELA teacher Mrs. Smith,”to make history.  There are so many things; they could be the next president. They could be the first female president because we haven’t had one yet.  They could be anything. Anything that you choose to put your mind to you can do to make history.”

In the Board Office of Education each Winslow school has its own board that it can decorate to show what it’s schools been up to.  In September, the middle school’s board was filled with writing done by Mrs. Smith’s class on what they would do to make their page in history.

You are already are someone special to us, but one day the rest of the world will know as you make your page in history.”

— Ms. Nwanguma

“I was really impressed with the writing that I received,”  said Mrs. Smith,” I think that some students have some goals in mind and things that they want to do to make history.  A lot of them revolved around doing things with climate change and environment.”

There are multiple examples of teens making history, including Laura Dekker who sailed around the world at fourteen or Jordan Romero who climbed Mount Everest at 13.  Making history young isn’t new in the 1400’s Joan of Arc was seventeen when she first went to battle and in the 1700’s the famed composer Mozart composed his first song at five years old.

“You can make history as a five year-old,” said Mrs. Nwanguma , “so why not middle school?  Why not start thinking about your career, your future, how you can change the world now.”

This year’s theme encourages students to make history by doing their best at school and gaining a love for learning.  Along with offering multiple options for students to prepare themselves for their future occupations.  

“I’d like to reemphasize to all the students in Winslow Middle School that we believe in you; all of your teachers all of your administrators know that you are going to be someone special,” Mrs. Nwanguma said.