NJHS Explores Engineering at Rowan

NJHS members went on a trip to Rowan University on October 22, 2019, in order to explore the different fields of engineering that the college has to offer. During the trip, Rowan undergraduates helped NJHS members understand the various domains of engineering through hands on activities, a tour of the engineering center, and a presentation.

“We had a lot of students who are in STEM or have other engineering classes,” said NJHS supervisor, Mrs.Keitt. “They had an opportunity to take a tour of Rowan, to work with actual engineering students and they gave them some really great advice about college, courses they should take, and just planning for their future.”

Due to a limited number of available spots, only thirty-six honor society students left Winslow Township Middle Schools at 8:45 and arrived at Rowan University at around 9:30. They were required to wear their NJHS shirts and spent the majority of the day in Rowan’s Engineering Center.

“My first thoughts [on the Engineering Center] were that it was really advanced,” said NJHS member, Elyse Murray, “and they have a lot of cool tools that they use.”

Rowan Engineering students presented a PowerPoint that taught NJHS members about the varied fields of engineering that Rowan offers such as civil engineering, designing and maintaining bridges, dams and other similar structures, and biomedical engineering, a combination of biology and medicine to improve human health.

“At Rowan, they have this machine where it can separate water and oil,” said NJHS President, Isaac Moran.“They have bigger scales in factories, but it’s kind of cool how they have that smaller scale that students can actually use.”

NJHS members also got a tour of Rowan University’s Engineering Center and participated in diverse hands-on activities. One project included creating a landing capsule containing marshmallows to simulate riders. This device was then dropped from the second floor of the building in order to test the capsule to see if the marshmallows would make a safe landing. Another task the students participated in was rebuilding circuits with small lights and wires to complete the path of an electrical current.

“We all learned a lot,” said Moran. “We also learned about circuits there and that was something else we did, and we also learned about the different types of engineering.’’

The members of NJHS also played a game of Kahoot that quizzed them on their knowledge on the various regions of engineering.  At 1:45 students arrived back at Winslow and reported to their eighth period class.

“The trip did benefit me,” said Murray,” because it made me open my eyes and see more things about engineering and what Rowan had to offer.”