An Overview of the New and Experienced Teachers at WTMS


Isabella Pena

Mrs.Donohue walks around her class as her 2nd period works silently.

Lisaraye Horne, Staff Reporter

Isabella Pena
7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Donohue helps one of her students in her 2nd period class.

New teachers have started their teachings at WTMS, and have begun to get acquainted with the policies, students, and other teachers. How they teach their students might differ from those of the teachers who have been teaching at the school for longer, but all teachers are looking for ways to keep their classes and methods current.

“My teaching methods were a little more traditional,” stated seventh grade Social Studies teacher, Ms. Donohue, “but I’m learning now that as kids are coming out of college, [there are] changes in education [and] different ways of doing things.”

This year’s new staff includes In the short amount of time that the new staff has been working at the middle school, they have already set their own personal goals for themselves, such as getting their students more involved or helping students enjoy the subjects that they teach. They have also devised their teaching methods that will best accommodate their students. 

“[I want] to get them to maybe enjoy math a little bit more,” stated seventh grade math teacher, Mr. Cox, “to get that confidence that they can do it, and that if they need [to] they can ask for help .” 

New teachers have also stated their positive opinions towards the districts uniform policy, stating that that the students will feel equal to each other instead of different when comparing regular clothing. When so many students come to school wearing the newest pair or best pair of shoes, other students may feel left out or embarrassed for not having what others have.

“It takes off the stress in the morning,” stated chorus teacher, Ms. Schille. “You can feel like equals to your peers and [feel like you’re] on the same level.” 

Teachers throughout the school were notified of the arrival of the new teachers with a letter sent out over the summer. Many of the teachers were able to relate to the new teachers about teaching in a new environment with new challenges to face. These teachers were also able to give a few words of advice for their new coworkers. 

“Remember why [you’re] here, and remember that it’s all about the kids,” stated Ms. Donohue, “and at the end of the day, as long as you enjoy the kids and you enjoy what your doing, it’s a great career.”