Harris Happy to be October’s 8th Grade Student of the Month


LisaRaye Horne

Harris working in Mr. Martin’s math room. Harris credits his win to his work ethic and strong participation.

When WTMS looks to name Student of the Month, they’re looking for a well-rounded student whose work ethic and diligence is matched by their willingness to participate in many areas across the community. Eighth grader Terry Harris certainly fits the bill, and because of this, he was named the Eighth Grade October Student of the Month, making both his parents and teachers proud.

“When I came home my parents were really excited and congratulated me,” said eighth grader Terry Harris. “It was a very welcomed surprise for the day.”

Harris contributes to the WTMS community in multiple ways as a member of both National Junior Honor Society and the Renaissance program. He enjoys the community service required for NJHS that gives him a chance to support Winslow and surrounding areas with events like PB&J Night to feed those in need as well as school-wide events like Back to School Night.

“I just feel like I’m making a difference and making people happy, and all ages, not just people in my school,” said Harris. “I continue seeing myself doing community service because I really enjoy it, and it’s a way to bring more people together.”

Outside the classroom, Harris is an athlete who is on both the boys soccer and wrestling teams. He states that balancing school and athletics can be tricky, but he is sure to always put school first when arriving home from practice. In this way, he can continue to excel both on and off the field.  

“Ever since I was younger, my parents would always tell me to do homework right when I get home so I don’t miss anything,” said Harris. “Right when I get home, I’m still focused on school, and it’s easier to not get distracted right away.”

Harris receiving his award from Assistant Principal Mr. Edwards.

Harris was nominated by Ms. Jaconetti, his honors reading teacher because, among other things, he is respectful in the classroom and participates regularly in class activities.  Mrs. Lepre, his STEM Robotics teacher, agrees, and is excited that right now Harris sees his future in an engineering field, although he hasn’t narrowed it down to one specific field just yet.

“There are few students that are as deserving of this honor as Terry Harris,” said  Lepre. “This is the second year I’ve had the pleasure of having Terry in STEM and he’s proven that I can consistently count on him for both top notch design challenge ideas and exemplary character. He has such an engineer’s mind and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him!”