Book Fair Brings Fun and Fundraising to WTMS


Lisaraye Horne

Mrs. Harris helps students browse selections ranging from horror to fantasy to cookbooks.

Lisaraye Horne, Copy Editor

To help raise money for the school, Winslow Middle students had the opportunity to participate in the Scholastic Book Fair from December 2-6 in the Media Center. Teachers and students alike agreed that the book fair is an exciting event that comes to the school.

Isabella Pena
8th grader, Brooke Robertson scrolls through a book of her choice in interest of buying it.

“I love seeing the latest books that they send over to us,” stated Media Center Specialist Mrs. Storako. “I like seeing books that I know students are going to be excited about.”

While being a way to raise money for the school, the book fair is also serves as a chance for students to become more invested in books. This is done by the fair offering a wide selection of various books and genres for kids to choose from. Students becoming more invested into books could lead to them having a better connection to literature and be a way to benefit the school library.

“Scholastic takes a percentage of the profits to give back to the school,” Mrs. Storako stated, “so that we can get items for the creation station and books for the library.”

The first book fair at the middle school this school year was different because there were book trailers introduced during the morning announcements for the weeks leading up to the event. These trailers affected the thoughts of the students by getting them more interested in the books that were presented. Some students attended the book fair specifically to check out a text that was featured in a trailer, driving more foot traffic into the fair.

“I think it [Book Fair trailers] got them excited,” stated Mrs. Storako. “It upped the interest level.”

One thing that people would change about the book fair is to add a few genres of books to be presented and a theme for each Book Fair. Popular genres among the students that they would like to see more of are horror/thriller and manga. If there were more books with these genres, more students might be attracted and participate in the event.

“Manga is one of them,” stated eighth grader Simone Bell, discussing a genre she would like to have added to the Book Fair. “I think that there should be a few books from Japanese culture that should be added.”