Girls Basketball Hoping for Greatness in 2020


Amanda Tague

Girls warm up on December 19 before their first game vs. Hammonton.

The 2019-2020 WTMS girls basketball team is coming together in an attempt to create an undefeated team. With only 1 loss last year, they are very confident in this season. The team has returning players with experience from last year and new 7th graders who  are going to be on a real team for the first time. 

“I tried out for the team because I played basketball for four years,” said 7th grader Daynia Forest.  “I wanted to try out for a school.”

  Tryouts were held in the WTMS gymnasium on Monday, December 9th after school. 17 girls went to tryouts and showed Head Basketball Coach Ms. Conn  what they could do. Conn shortened the list to 14 players for the season. The girls get their own reversible jerseys with the color white for home games and green for away and a pair of shorts.  

“I tried out for the team because I like to try different things,”  said returning 8th grader Kamore Boone. “instead of having nothing to do.” 

Their first game was on Wednesday, December 18th at  home against Hammonton. Although they lost this game, the team remained competitive throughout, a great sign considering the team only had 2 practices prior to playing. For this season, there are 17 games and they are split in half, half at home and half away. The season is long and goes all the way until the end of February where basketball season ends and a spring sports begin.

“I think the season will go really well,” said Ms. Conn, “we have a really strong returning team from last year.”

In each of the games the team plays, their parents meet them there to watch them play. The games last about an hour and are broken up into two halves. Before the game starts, the team have a little meeting with Ms. Conn to get them in the spirit. When the team goes back into the locker room at half time, they have a little team pow-wow  to get them pumped back up to play again. 

“When I get to play I feel good,” said Boone. “ I feel like I’m bigger than everyone else.”

Many of the girls love their coach Ms. Conn. Many say that she is an amazing relaxed coach who has a great strategy for the team to follow. Players say that she focuses more on how they play and how the team approaches the game. Ms. Conn creates her own strategy with the thought of having a lot of different players that are in the places of offense and defense; she then switches up the places when the other teams are learning what they’re doing.

“My feelings about Ms. Conn is she’s an awesome coach,” said Forest, “and she’s great.”

When ever the team wins, they are rewarded with snacks or prizes at the end and they do MVP’s for each game. When there done their games they are let off the bus to go home. Many 8th graders basketball players are setting goals in this season to do well because this will be their last year in middle school. The girls WTMS Basketball team is hoping to win every game from here out beginning with tomorrow’s game against Pleasantville.

“Go Eagles,” said Conn.