Mr. Weppler: Camden County Teacher of the Year

Yusuf Scott, 7th grader

One of our very own amazing teachers, Mr. Michael Weppler, was recently named Camden County Teacher of the Year for 2022. What an incredible honor for  Mr. Weppler; and, an incredible privilege for his students to be taught by such an amazing educator!

Mr. Weppler is a big part of our school.  He is so much more than a teacher.  Although you have only seen him teach 7th grade math, he is an around the clock hard worker that does many things when it comes to our school. He’s a math teacher, track coach, cross country coach, Green Team Chairperson and he is a part of our School Leadership Committee.  

When explaining how he first decided to become an educator, he had quite the story. ’’The first experience specifically aligns with the content  that I teach, mathematics. Beginning in fourth grade, I remember becoming fascinated with the “why” behind mathematics. This curiosity continued throughout my schooling, and I remember thinking that I could not be the only one who had this curiosity. I remember thinking to myself that I would be able to address this interest with students.”

The Camden County Teacher of the Year is selected by a panel of state-level educators.  Each candidate had to fill out an application, and create a 15 minute video.  The finalists are then interviewed before the final decision is made. 

Mr. Weppler is incredibly humbled for the honor and shared, “I want to inspire my students to be great leaders. I want students to know that life can get busy but that hard work and determination will help meet and exceed your goals. No matter how busy it is, it’s important to take time for yourself to make sure you are living a healthy life and doing things you enjoy.

Mr. Weppler has certainly had his share of education, himself.  He currently holds a Masters Degree in Education, a Supervisors Certificate, and is currently back in school obtaining his second Masters Degree.  What an inspiration to his students!

The advice he gave to his students is something that we can all benefit from hearing. “All students have the ability to drive change. Change can be a change in habits and not all changes need to be recognized to have an impact.” 

We would like to give thanks to our Camden County Teacher of the Year and all that he has done to positively impact our school.