Wake Up Winslow Middle School: WTMS Welcomes Back TV Production

Marius Nguy, 7th Grader

As you may know, in the 2021 school year there was no TV Production option for the students.  Now, in the new school year of 2022 – 2023, TV Production is back and better than ever!  They have also started a brand new morning show, The Early Bird. Led by Mrs. Irvin, the TV Production class is something everyone is talking about!

“I was an ELA teacher for Winslow Township for 16 years. The opportunity for this job became available and I decided, why not?! I thought I should challenge myself to do something new and fun. And, I am so glad that I did!

Many students wanted this elective. “I chose this as an elective because I did something similar last year at School 5 and it was fun, so I wanted to do it again.” said 7th grader, Peter Price.

But even though we got a teacher and students, you still need something to record a show with.  Studio 107, the name of the TV Production room, is equipped with  cameras, a teleprompter, visual mixer,  lavalier microphones, and to edit videos, Adobe Premiere Pro.  These are just some of the many pieces of equipment available to the students.

“The students are trained on the equipment and treat the studio with professionalism and pride,” stated Mrs. Irvin.

Tv production isn’t always just the team recording, or editing.  For example, they conduct interviews, report on interesting school events, create public service announcements, and so much more!  

“We record and do more important things like interviews,” said 7th grader Nathan Stahl.

The Early Bird Morning show is one of the main aspects of the class.  The students are always coming up with new ideas for the script and various segments.

“The biggest part of TV Production is producing the Early Bird Morning Show. The students came up with the name themselves, and pretty much run the entire thing now! It is a pretty amazing thing to watch. They learn their roles and run a production crew over the course of three weeks. When the three weeks are over, they are responsible for teaching their role to the new crew member. It runs very smoothly!” said Tv Production teacher, Mrs. Irvin.

Students throughout the school are all talking about the morning show.  

“I love the question of the day!  My homeroom looks forward to it each morning! Eighth grader, Aidan Mandlap explains. 

Tv Production is useful for many things, one is the morning show, The Early Bird.  The crew also assists other teachers and club advisors with things such as public service announcements, and behind the scenes footage of projects. 

“The EB is useful to the school because we announce all major events going on within the school. For instance, fundraisers, sports schedules, and club meeting times are just a few of the things we include. We also have weekly segments such as Artist Spotlight and Staff Spotlight.  During the book fair, we featured various book trailers that were available to purchase.  They were so popular, we decided to incorporate a “Book of the Week” segment that highlights a book trailer from the media center. The purpose is to get more students to utilize all of the great books available to check out.   

No matter what the class, teachers have a vision for their students, and various goals they want to accomplish. 

“So many of my students were, at first,  intimidated by the equipment and responsibilities of the class. I want my students to gain confidence and know that they can achieve anything if they put their minds to it! They have already made me so proud!” explained  Mrs. Irvin.

“I want to be an anchor,” said Peter Price, “It is great to see all of the different jobs available to us after graduation.” 

“I want to learn editing and become a pro editor,” said Nathan Stahl.

The TV Production team, Studio 107 can be seen throughout the school capturing different events.  The Early Bird is aired during homeroom each morning.