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The Student News Site of Winslow Township Middle School

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Dr. Poteat Receives Portrait and Visits WTMS

On Tuesday February 27th, the Superintendent of the Winslow Township School District, Dr. Poteat, visited the self-contained learning language disabilities programs at Winslow Township Middle School. This took place during the 2nd and 3rd period in the library.

This visit was organized by Dr. Pamela Cooper, and teachers Ms. Elaine Neff and Mrs. Kathy Veale. The students developed their own questions for Dr. Poteat.

“Dr. Poteat was very engaging and inclusive of each of the students and staff attending. The students would ask questions about Dr. Poteat and who he was. They also asked questions about how he became interested in education, what it took to be a Superintendent, what he enjoys or doesn’t enjoy about his job and many other questions,” explained Dr. Cooper, Learning Consultant for WTMS.

The students asked Dr. Poteat a variety of questions including, “What defines success”?

“There are many ways to define success. I define success as being able to achieve what you really want to do,” described Dr. Poteat. “You’ve got to be a good person and work hard.”

The students also had questions regarding Dr. Poteat’s day to day job duties. He went on to explain his responsibilities such as communicating with parents, scheduling meetings, and visiting schools.

Dr. Poteat explained the importance of education as well as the impact his mentor had on him as a child and what inspired him to go into education.

“Mr. Carter, my basketball coach at the Boys Club, was my mentor and he was also a teacher. He was also the first black man that I knew that had a college education,” described Dr. Poteat.

Dr. Poteat went on to explain, “My mentor used to say: The heaviest thing you should pickup is a pencil.  My mentor encouraged me to get an education and I decided I wanted to be a teacher,” Dr. Poteat continued.

Students were very pleased with his answers and were extremely interested in everything that he had to say. At the end of the meeting he shook hands and embraced the students with encouragement.

“The WTMS Principal, Mr. Shropshire, provided wooden certificates for the students to give to Dr. Poteat.  Ms. Neff and Mrs. Veale presented Dr. Poteat with a certificate of appreciation and a student from the graphic design class presented Dr. Poteat with a portrait,” described Dr. Cooper.

Dr. Poteat has been the Superintendent of Winslow Township Schools since 2009 and has continued to inspire the young people or WTMS.

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