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Pi Day Festivites Give Students a Fun Break

On March, 14th 2024 people all over the world celebrate Pi Day. Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14…get it?  3.14! This year, the members of Spirit Club held a day of fun games and challengers to celebrate Pi Day. The students of Winslow Township Middle Schools reported to the gym during their math classes to participate in a day of fun festivities. Once they reached the gym, they would race other fellow math classes in a series of games and challenges.

Many different activities were included in the day and varied from station to station.

“We had all kinds of activities.  We had some athletic races and basketball shooting, a measurement activity finding the radius from a sphere, a word search activity, a trivia game, and a fun put your hand in a pie activity.  We tried to get something for everyone to promote student participation,” explained Mrs. Miller, Spirit Day Co-Advisor.

There was definitely a lot of planning involved in making the day fun for all of the students!

Mrs. Milller went onto describe, “We came up with the ideas for the activities and decorations a couple months in advanced.  We worked with the gym teachers and they were so great letting us use not only the gym but some of their equipment as well!”

With all these preparations, we can hope that the students of Winslow Township Middle School  enjoyed their time playing all the fun activities. During Pi Day, the members of Spirit Club helped assist and guide the people participating. 

“Our club members had to become experts at our activities so they could be stationed at each location to assist.  They stayed late the day before to help us decorate the gym and helped us plan out lunch periods and coverages so every math class had a good experience that day,” Miller added. 

With all the effort put into making Pi Day fun for students we wanted to know how Mrs. Miller felt about it and if she felt the students had a good time. 

“We got a lot of good feedback from the students.  They seemed to have fun during the activities and then even talked about it throughout the day with their teachers.  We had a few teachers stop down to check it out because they heard about it from their students.  The math department really got into it; I think because the teachers were having fun it makes the students have fun as well.

“My favorite activity was the basketball station.  I helped score the most points for my team,” explained Donald Cuff, seventh grade student.

“It was better than math class,  I liked the word search activity, added NeyVahnte DeJesus, seventh grade student.

The Spirit Club is excited to continue the tradition next year.


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