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Mrs. Sinatra Finds Fun Ways to Engage Her Students

Mrs. Sinatra celebrating “International Chef Day” on October 20.

Every wonder who the quirky teacher over in C-Hall is?  You know the one, parrots on her shoulders, funny hats, and crazy earrings?  Well, wonder no more.  Her name is Mrs. Sinatra and she is the gaming and coding teacher here at WTMS. Her mission?  Engage the middle school students!

Typical middle school students shake their heads and pretend to be embarrassed, but when students run off the bus to come see your earrings, you know they care.  I also have students I don’t have who walk by and ask me what National Day I am celebrating.” Mrs. Sinatra stated.

Mrs. Sinatra love’s school and was eager to help other students and manage to incorporate National Days in her lessons and she sure does just that!  But, how did she become so inspired?

“I wanted something for students to get excited about and I started thinking of teachers who stood out to me.  One of my teachers, Senorita LaPella, taught Spanish and she used to speak to a poster of a fish all of the time.  She spoke to the fish in Spanish, so I remember listening to see if I could hear what she was saying to this fish,” explained Mrs. Sinatra.  

“I always found it strange, but as an adult looking back I realized she tricked me into learning.  She got me to translate Spanish just because I was nosey and wanted to know what she was talking to her paper fish about.  I use the National Days to teach things that are a part of my typical curriculum,” Sinatra continued. 

During class when Mrs. Sinatra is teaching her lesson, she incorporates National Days into her lessons which help students learn every day.

“I usually spend about 3 minutes during the warm-up explaining what National Day I am celebrating.  Sometimes I use them to help introduce an SEL topic, but other times I offer a challenge outside of school that forces them to spend time with their family, aid Mrs. Sinatra.  For example, on Butternut Squash Day, anyone who made butternut squash and submitted a picture by the end of the marking period will get extra credit.  This has them trying new foods and also opens a dialog between the adults and children at home, where they can learn to prepare a dish.”

Mrs. Sinatra has some few fun quirks about her and some fun facts about her too.

“A fun fact about me is I think in song lyrics, said Mrs. Sinatra. Oftentimes, students say something and I break out into a random song.  Like a student will yell, Stop and I think, “Drop, shut ’em down open up shop.”

Throughout the year we can expect a lot from Mrs. Sinatra and depending on what National Day it is the more wild outfits and accessories she is going to wear.

“I try to pick at least one day a week where I do more than just earrings.  Today, I dressed in a Harry Potter dress.  One day I was Ms. Fizzle.” stated Mrs. Sinatra.

Mrs. Sinatra has a few connections with WTMS because she went to school here and what is interesting about it is that she teaches her friend’s kids here and wants to see the students here succeed. 

“This is where I went to school, so I do feel a connection to this school and I want to see the children succeed. I have taught my friend’s children and this year I have the child of a former student.  It feels good to be part of a community.” stated Mrs. Sinatra.

Be sure to stop by C116 and check out what Mrs. Sintara is up to!

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